Only and Always

To the man who lifts me when my legs are too weak to carry my sorrow. Who holds my face in his hands like he is holding the world. Whose smile I can feel a million miles away... to the man whose presence I will always crave and hope to never live without. To the... Continue Reading →


Ferris Wheel Ride

I choose love... I choose it because it makes me better. But I never would have known that if I never let it back in my life. Love never fails, unless you let it.    Tall buildings and cotton candy skies, I love the view at the top of the Ferris wheel ride. It's my... Continue Reading →


Big choices cause big changes in this life, which lead to other small decisions that need to be made. The big choices you are forced to make, affect right here and now. Your smaller choices change things over time. Regardless of which ones you make- change is inevitable. If you would have caught me 5... Continue Reading →

I believe…

I believe in letting people go. I believe that some people are temporary despite how much feeling they bring to your life, bad or good. But I also believe in finding people that are meant to  be here for always. The good people that wish you well, that bring out the utter most light in... Continue Reading →

Fall for me

It is not about the material things. It's not even about the commitment because I know what commitment looks like… and for the most part he's all in. I'm not sure what crushes me more, the fact that he hasn't told me he loves me yet, or the fact that I am more scared of... Continue Reading →

Inability to Accept.

I guess its just the inability to accept... That's my biggest flaw. Unrealistic thoughts that provide unbearable feelings. My mind kills me the most. I feel weakness. In a strange way, I  feel like love was never meant for me. Not in a sense of I'm undeserving of it or I've never found it, but... Continue Reading →

My heart prevails

I start this writing with an ending of another writing called "cats got my tongue." To give an update of the love that was so fiercely incapable of overcoming what my mind thought. Enjoy! My heart tells my mind: “You are frightened, of possibility. Possibility of hurting. Possibility of not getting the right outcome. But... Continue Reading →

imperfect things

Why, in this Life is it unacceptable to accept everything as is? Why must something be changed in order to be beautiful? In a world where nothing is perfect, but everything can be perfectly enough, why are we not allowed to love imperfect things and imperfect beings? We search for something that is untouched and... Continue Reading →

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